Best Outfits for Light Layering

When it comes to baby clothes and kids' outfits, buying clothes for layering helps save money and keep your little one comfortable no matter what the weather. Pairing sweaters and t-shirts, leggings and dresses, and shirts and jackets are a great way to adjust for air conditioning and outside temperatures.

Here are a few of our favorite must-have pieces to get you started!

  • Layering sweaters and t-shirts
  • How to pair leggings and dresses
  • Baby clothes for layering
  • Wearing short sleeve shirts and jackets


Layering Sweaters and T-Shirts for Children

When the weather is still warm enough to wear a t-shirt but cool enough to carry along a light jacket, layering clothing is a fantastic way to stay comfortable and stylish. Kids' outfits can be challenging to put together in a way that makes layering comfortable. Thankfully, The Jersey Shop’s collection of Gen Woo apparel has everything you need to help create kits' outfits that are stylish, affordable, and perfect for transitional weather. A neutral-colored sweater is a fantastic option to toss over any style t-shirt, such as our "#Girls are changing the world" Slogan T-Shirt or our Berry Tie Dye T-Shirt.


genwoo girls slogan t-shirt we are saving the world

How to Pair Leggings and Dresses

Even when the weather is comfortable, sitting inside in air conditioning for long periods can leave your little one feeling chilly. Thankfully, kids' outfits and baby clothes are easy to create when it comes to pairing clothes for layering. If your kiddo tends to get chilly during the day, there are tons of kids' outfits and baby clothes you can mix and match to find the best layering clothes. These Baby Leggings are a cute way to keep your baby warm in the air conditioning without overheating, while these Animal Print Leggings are an excellent choice for wearing under your favorite simple dress or skirt. If animal print isn't your style or you want to wear a dress with a fun pattern, choose a neutral-colored legging such as our Basic Legging.


genwoo animal print legging girls fashion

Baby Clothes for Layering

Ensuring your baby is at the perfect temperature is critical to keeping them happy and healthy. Thankfully, baby clothes are easy clothes for layering because comfort is more important to them than style. This Pack of 3 Baby Legging is a great closet staple to pair with skirts and dresses to add another layer of warmth.   


genwoo baby leggings white pink grey marl

Wearing Short Sleeve Shirts and Jackets

Although we tend to think of jackets as clothes for layering when it's cold outside, it's easy to mix and match options to create kids' outfits that will work year-round. Pairing a nice blouse, like this Cropped Ruffle T-Shirt or Gathered Smock Top with a fancier option like our Checked Jacket will provide a kids’ outfit that is trendy, comfortable, and easy to adjust based on the temperature. Another option is to select clothing that is a warm-weather style but in a heavier material. This Striped Over-sized Sweat T-Shirt is an excellent option for warm weather that's starting to get cooler. You can pair this t-shirt with a light jacket or a long-sleeved undershirt to embrace the layering clothing trend for colder days.

gen woo girls striped t-shirt 2-14 yrs

Don't forget to check the weather before you leave the house each day! Whether you're usually hot or cold, there are dozens of clothes for layering that will keep you looking and feeling great year-round. Plus, you can always count on Jersey Shop and it's designers like Gen Woo for its dedication to sustainable clothing and environmentally friendly fashion choices!

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